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Why Sponsor a Child with International Children's Network?

There are 600 million orphaned and at-risk children in the world - nearly 10% of the entire global population. Despite the many humanitarian and sponsorship organizations in the United States and around the world, over 99% of these orphaned and at-risk children remain in dire conditions with little to no hope for a happy or healthy future. To make a real difference, these children need to be part of the solution instead of a growing part of the problem.  Primarily through its educational sponsorship program, International Children’s Network (ICN) is leading the way one community at a time to empower as many of these children as possible by providing a complete education through their nation’s highest university or vocational levels.
Education is the best way to help the world’s forgotten children become part of the solution to extreme poverty in their communities, and it provides an equal footing for these hopeless children with their nation’s most privileged children. Educating these forgotten children empowers them and their families to a real, sustainable future.  This empowerment cannot be taken away! 

For just $35 a month, you can change the life of a child by enabling them to go to school through the university or technical school level.  Completing their education allows them to get a job and become a contributing member of society...effectively breaking the cycle of poverty!  Many children who have been supported through ICN’s unique sponsorship program are now qualified professionals like doctors, lawyers, mechanics, leaders, engineers, and teachers.  Together they are increasing the network of help for our world’s neediest children.  Sponsorship through ICN supports and allows your child to have a future, avoid child trafficking, and be freed from the bondage of severe poverty.  Your support is the only way to make the dreams of these children come true! 
The greatest harm to these orphaned and forgotten children is child trafficking. Child trafficking is a nearly $200 billion/year industry, and it is common in areas of extreme poverty where orphaned & at-risk children flourish.  Parents who are struggling to provide basic daily needs for their children and see no hope of ever being able to afford their education will quickly give legal permission for traffickers to take their child with the desperate hope that they will provide for their child and send them to school.  These children are promised an education, opportunities to work, and other common benefits many of us take for granted.  Once vulnerable children are legally taken from their parents, they face an exceptional risk of experiencing the extreme abuse and exploitation child trafficking delivers.  The greatest way to stop child trafficking is by providing hope for a family through ICN’s educational sponsorship program.  Because of the sponsorship, love and support families receive through ICN, parents are no longer tempted to give their children away to strangers. Boys and girls alike now have HOPE to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, engineers, or any other empowering profession.   Educational success for children in ICN's unique sponsorship program is quite common.  In fact, many sponsors are invited to be an honored guest at their child's high school or college graduation celebrations so they can see firsthand what their lifechanging love and support has provided.

Currently, our world’s most vulnerable children are viewed as a growing problem that drains the resources of their nation. However, through the successes in sponsorship with ICN and their Matsiko World Orphan Choir, more and more countries are understanding that with the help of sponsors, these children can be a valuable resource by becoming contributing members of society. This partnership between a sponsor and child is vital because it eliminates unreliable government and family support, and replaces it with the love and support of a sponsor who encourages and cares for the same child until he or she achieves the ultimate goal of a complete education. More motivated professionals bring greater value to the countries of our world’s neediest children, while the desperation for child trafficking that is fueled from hopelessly desperate parents will be greatly mitigated. Therefore, there is no greater impact on a child, family, nation and even the world than sponsorship of an orphaned or at-risk child. You can help prevent child trafficking by sponsoring a child today with ICN!
ICN’s Matsiko World Orphan Choir not only brings together children from the countries where ICN provides sponsorship, but the choir is made up of the very children who are part of our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk population.  The children of Matsiko share their lives and culture through original song and dance that will amaze you, and they connect their hearts with audiences across the United States with a message of hope that you will never forget.  Matsiko is a Northern Ugandan word for “hope”, and this word embodies both the children and the songs they sing.  Because of the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, thousands of children will be reached with the hope of a brighter future.  Proceeds generated by Matsiko go directly to support ICN’s worldwide programs, including life-changing educational sponsorship, free after school tutoring programs, and children’s centers that provide a safe haven, food, sports, arts, and leadership programs.

Deemed "Our World's Treasure" by Disneyland and invited to visit the White House by two administrations, Matsiko is the love of many churches, schools, US officials and celebrities all around the USA and the world! In addition to countless newspaper & magazine articles, Matsiko has made appearances on TV, radio, professional and collegiate sporting events, multicultural events, festivals, markets, malls, corporate headquarters, tourist attractions, retirement homes, school assemblies and churches around the US, and is even being featured in the movie “Bill & Ted Face the Music” coming out in August 2020. 

You can bring Matsiko to your church, school or other event, and even house some of the children in your home for a few days.  Once the Matsiko tour is over and the children return home, you can even visit them on any ICN Service Trip.  ICN Service Trips can encompass just about anything you want -- from medical, sponsorship, the arts, leadership development, tutoring, sports to simply spending time with the children.
These are the greatest ways to increase sponsorship and eventually eliminate the deception and need for child trafficking. In taking part to overcome, your action will hopefully make hopelessness for our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children a faint memory in our distant future!