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Michelle lives in a poor family. Her father is a laborer that doesn't always have work. They face daily hardship.
DOB: 19/05/2012
Daniel lives with his very poor family. His mother or father do not have jobs. His mother sells water and coal to provide food for the family. They...
DOB: 13/02/2005
Krishna lives in a poor family. His mother does not have a job and picks in the tea farms. They are very poor and struggling. Krishna lost his...
DOB: 19/11/2009
Dayiro lives in a very small poor village in the Andes Mountains. His parents do not have jobs and pick in the local fields. They are very poor and...
DOB: 11/11/2011
Harsit lives with his poor family in a small village. His father does not have a secure job and is a simple laborer who picks in the tea fields....
DOB: 01/04/2012
Favor lives with his father. His mother left them. His father does his best looking for work in construction. The work is not steady and they...
DOB: 19/12/2007
Zaza lives with his single mother. His father abandoned him when he was a baby. His mother does not have a job and she sells some food on the...
DOB: 08/12/2004
Prapti with her poor family in a very small village in the mountains of Nepal. Her mother does not have a secure job and picks in the tea fields....
DOB: 07/04/2007
Jehoiakin lives with his single father and 4 siblings. His mother is gone. His father is a teach and does not make enough to provide for his...
DOB: 23/04/2007
Daniel lives in a very poor family. His father is a Sherpa who does tours. Due to Covid he has had no work and they are very much struggling....
DOB: 13/12/2001