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Princess lives in a very poor family. Her father does odd jobs to meet their daily needs. They are very poor.
DOB: 24/08/2008
Sarah lives in a very poor family. Her mother and father are very old and do not have jobs. Her mother sells food on the streets. They are very...
DOB: 25/11/2003
Alsha lives with her mother. Her mother washes peoples clothes to have enough to eat. They are very poor and struggle daily
DOB: 30/06/2005
Asata lives with her aunt. Her mother has left her. Her aunt does not have a job and does what she can to provide for the family. They are very...
DOB: 16/07/2017
Lucy lives with her parents, who donít have jobs and struggle just to get by.††With ten children, it is incredibly difficult to even afford a daily...
DOB: 06/11/1992
Patrick lives with his aunt. His parents abandoned him His aunt does not have a job and they struggle daily
DOB: 02/06/2010
Anuska had to leave school in 7th grade due to a child marriage. Married young due to poor situation Anuska would love to go back to school, finish...
DOB: 19/01/2002
Bennjy lives with his single mother. His father abandoned the family years ago. His mother does not have a job and picks in the fields. They are...
DOB: 17/11/2011
Anamol lives with his poor family in a small village. His father does not have a secure job and is a simple laborer who picks in the tea fields....
DOB: 26/03/2018
Amrit lives with his poor family in a very small village far in the mountains of Nepal. His parents do not have secure jobs and work picking in...
DOB: 05/05/2003