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Ridhi lives in the poor family. They lives in the poorest slums of India. Ridhi has a twin brother INGO-B022 Rishabh
DOB: 13/06/2017
Maycol lives in the highlands of Peru. His father works construction jobs or picks crops on local farms to try to provide for the family. Maycol...
DOB: 26/09/2008
Romeo lives in a very poor family. His father does not have a secure job. They struggle daily
DOB: 23/10/2009
Lives with his poor family who do not have secure jobs and income.
DOB: 13/04/2007
Yogesh lives with his very poor family in a very rural village. His parents are peasant workers in the tea farms. They struggle daily. He loves...
DOB: 31/03/2005
Bennjy lives with his single mother. His father abandoned the family years ago. His mother does not have a job and picks in the fields. They are...
DOB: 17/11/2011
Elia lives with her grandmother. Her mother left her and could not care for her. Her grandmother does not have a job and they struggle daily. They...
DOB: 09/07/2015
He lives in a very poor family in the slums of India.Father is a laborer and does not have a secure job. They are in great hardship, they don't get...
DOB: 01/05/2014
Lives in a poor family. Her father picks in the tea farms. They struggle daily
DOB: 03/02/2012
Rufo lives with his parents and ten siblings. They are very poor. His father is a shepherd in the highlands of Peru, and his mother works on local...
DOB: 21/02/2008