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Rayment lives with her father. Her mother left and has not come back. Her father does not have a job and does his best to meet the families daily...
DOB: 10/08/2006
Lives with his poor family who do not have secure jobs and income.
DOB: 07/18/2006
Fatu is living with her mother. Her father abandoned the family. Her mother does not have a job and sells some things on the streets. It is not...
DOB: 09/19/2005
Neyeatu lives in a very poor family. His father is disabled and cannot work. They struggle daily. Neyeatu has not been able to go to school without...
DOB: 08/07/2000
Emmanuel lives with his mother. His father left him years ago. His mother is very poor and struggling. Emmanuel hopes to go to Vocational school...
DOB: 04/22/1996
Jasmin lives high in the highlands of the Andes mountains. Her parents are shepherds for other Llamas and Alpaca's. They doe not have a home and...
DOB: 02/25/2015
Ayme lives with her mother and grandmother. Her father left them for another family. Her mother does not have a job and she picks the fields to...
DOB: 09/04/2013
Grace Ann lives in a very large poor family. Her parents lost their jobs during Covid and cannot manage to send their many children to school....
Christian lives in a very poor family. His father does not have a secure job and sells some dry foods in the Market. They struggle daily.
DOB: 05/22/2017
Nicole lives with a very poor family. Her father is a fisherman. The income is very little to support the family.
DOB: 10/26/2008