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The mission of International Children's Network is to provide as many of our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children sponsorship for a complete education through their nation's highest university or vocational levels.  Once educated, every child will be on equal footing with their nation's most privileged children.  They will return to their villages to help other children who are in the same condition they once were in order to break the cycle of utter dependency and despair and replace it with empowerment and hope!  The sponsorship program of ICN is the absolute best method of preventing child trafficking!


If you were a trafficked, orphaned or at-risk child, what would be the biggest help in setting you free? The answer is a complete education through the university or vocational level. If education is made accessible and affordable for hopeless children, then they have the opportunities to become doctors, lawyers, mechanics, doctors, teachers and so much more. All research findings show that the greatest prevention for child trafficking is the possibility of a complete education.  Since it's beginning, ICN has been working to break the cycle of poverty by providing a complete education through sponsorship. But what makes sponsorship through ICN unique? 

1. Your sponsored child will be given the opportunity to COMPLETE his or her education
  • Most sponsorship organizations only provide support through elementary or possibly high school, forcing children to return to the same hopeless condition they were once in without any support to be empowered at the university levels. However, ICN sponsorship provides support through each country's university or vocational levels. This gives your sponsored child the opportunity to become a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, engineer, teacher, or anything else that he or she can dream!  This ensures that each child in our sponsorship program has the means to create a real future.
  • Your sponsorship support places your child, who once was forgotten and at the lowest social level in life, on equal footing with the most privileged children in their country through a complete education.
  • There is no other work where such a small amount of money can do so much good for so many!
2. Financial Accountability
  • ICN has been ranked at the highest possible premium standard with GuideStar for the last 10 years for financial accountability.  GuideStar is the only non-profit watch-dog that is trusted by America's Fortune 500 companies.  Approval from GuideStar automatically allows a non-profit to partner with any Fortune 500 company, and our platinum ranking shows that we have earned a factor of trust regarding our financial accountability that is matched by few. 
  • In addition to GuideStar, all of the other "watchdog" organizations like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Network for Good and United Way, have also listed ICN at their highest accountability levels.  
  • Your sponsorship support is solely dedicated to your child's education.  Your support does not go into any type of child support "pool"  to be shared by many children and projects for our organization.
3. Meet your child face-to-face
  • Every sponsor, family or group supporting ICN can join any of our annual service trips to our partnering nations each year. This means that every sponsor can have the rare honor of actually meeting their child face-to-face and personally seeing the tremendous, life-changing impact their sponsorship is making.  Service trips with ICN can be organized at any time for you, your family and friends, school, church or business group.  Contact us at to learn more. 

4. Meet children whose lives have been changed by sponsorship
  • The Matsiko World Orphan Choir is made up of sponsored children from Liberia, Peru, India and Nepal.  Matsiko is the first choir to allow children in the sponsorship program to come to the US and tour as ambassadors for the world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children. 

  • Matsiko is built on a high level of trust with officials in the US and our partnering nations. Matsiko is the first and only group to be allowed to travel with orphaned and at-risk children from any country in South America and Liberia.  Matsiko continues to earn its trust with governments worldwide because of its great work and voice for the voiceless. 

  • Disneyland officially called Matsiko "our world's treasure", while some US officials have also labeled Matsiko "the greatest voice for our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children".  Find out personally why many have called Matsiko "the greatest children's choir in the world!" 
5. Write and send gifts to your sponsored child anytime
  • Sponsors are invited to write letters to their sponsored child anytime.  It is also very easy to send extra support for gifts for your child. 

6. ICN exists to empower children through sponsorship
  • As we fulfill our mission, we pride ourselves on being able to connect with our sponsors when they ask.  If you ever want to know more about your child or have any questions about them, please contact us. ICN will contact the director overseeing your child to find out anything you want to know.

7.  ICN's sponsorship program is the greatest program to prevent child trafficking worldwide! 
  • The greatest lure for desperate families to sell their children is the false promise that their children will receive an education.  With ICN's empowering sponsorship program, the chance for a free and complete education for their child no longer entices parents to sell their children, because they are already receiving one!  In addition, for the first time in many families' existence, they have a place of refuge and encouragement and a strong advocate for the growth of their child.  Now ICN's sponsored children can stay with their families, better their lives with the hope of a future, and end the chance of being trafficked.  



International Children’s Network takes its financial policies seriously. Our leadership team is so confident in the integrity of our financial practices that we hold it as policy to publish our IRS tax documents and any other pertinent information on our website.  In addition, we fully appoint a certified and independent outside accounting firm to audit our finances each year and then publish the findings on our website.  

Very few similar organizations have as high a giving ratio as International Children’s Network. We are well aware that as the network continues to grow, we will need to be ready to hire additional staff. Because of this reality, International Children’s Network has bound itself to meet and attain the financial accountability platinum standards acceptable to all notable watch-dog agencies.  In fact, in accordance with ICN's commitment to complete transparency, we are among the minority of non-profit organizations to actually publish our IRS 990 reports for all to see on the ICN/Matsiko website. We owe it to our sponsors and the children around the world to work tirelessly and continue to raise the level of trust we share with our sponsors and partners. It is of paramount importance to International Children’s Network that we handle every dollar with the utmost care, concern, and integrity.

ICN maintains a strong commitment and promise to all people, especially its trusted and most valued sponsors, that anytime there is a request for an annual report, ICN will always provide the information online as well as the most recent audit, 990 report and board roster.

Financial accountability and transparency is always the highest priority to all and is an essential cornerstone to ICN’s foundation of character and trust for its namesake all around the world. Not only is ICN committed to financial accountability at the highest level but we ask that our international partners maintain a trust to all and financial accountability to all in their home countries and around the world due to their association with and representation of ICN’s work and values as well.

Bob Reagan, Chairman
Bob Reagan retired from Boeing as the chief planning administrator. The wealth of experience Bob Reagan brings to ICN regarding his knowledge of planning and his ability to design computer programs is immense and greatly appreciated. Bob currently lives in Enumclaw, Washinton, with his wife Barbara, and is extremely active in the community and with his Church Mt. Rainier Christian Center under Pastor Greg Daulton.
Camille Daylong, Secretary

Currently an Executive Secretary with Liberty Mutual in Seattle, WA, Camille Daylong is detailed orientated with an abundance of honesty and sincerety. Camille's professional experience with Liberty Mutual as well as numerous Law Firms in Seattle has provided her the skill set and knowledge base to be the ICN Board Secretary. International Children’s Network is proud to be working with Camille Daylong; her input is always greatly appreciated.

Don Windham, Founder President
Don Windham graduated from the University of California Irvine in 1984 before attending Law School at the now Trinity Law in Southern California. After graduation, Don worked at Kraft Foods for 18 years in Sales and Marketing, and also a partner with W2 Properties Real Estate Investing. Don and his wife Jennie formed a youth group in the mid 1990’s at their church (which they still attend), Real Life Church in Covington, WA, under Pastor Steve Murray. It was here that their small youth group evolved and merged into International Children’s Network (ICN) and its Matsiko World Orphan Choir. As ICN grew, Don and his wife Jennie realized they had to choose between committing to the work of ICN, or to remain in business full time. The choice was easy. Both Don and Jennie gladly choose the work of ICN. The countless orphaned and at-risk children around the world are forever grateful!
Kerry McFadden, Treasurer
Kerry McFadden brings a plethora of business management skills and insight to International Children’s Network. With over 25 years of Business Management experience, including marketing and sales with Borden Foods and other major top line food companies, Kerry's insight and knowledge is invaluable to our organization. Kerry currently lives in Denver, CO.
Mark Perry

Mark Perry and his wife Kate directed the 3rd Matsiko World Orphan Choir Tour. It was the first time Matsiko brought children together from different nations. The challenges were tremendous, but both Mark and Kate proved to be amazing leaders, overcoming all obstacles - and the merging orphan and at-risk children together from different countries around the world began. Mark also has led many ICN service trips to partnering nations and has shown himself to be a tremendous value and friend of ICN. Mark works as a financial advisor and also volunteers with the music and youth ministry at his church in Central City, NE. Mark and his wife Kate are by far the most loved and personal people within ICN.

Kurt Satherlie